It is a known fact that students have a number of emotional and personal problems which they are unable to discuss openly and thus there is no channel for them to express their grievances and troubles which gives rise to depression, frustration and even suicidal tendencies.
However these students are more open and courageous in going to a counselor and discussing their problems as they are assured of trust, confidentiality and a sympathetic ear.

The counselor is a friend, philosopher and guide, whose sole purpose and goal, is to help the individual to help himself through exploration of his/her capacities and potentials and to create a feeling of self confidence which gives the individual a more positive outlook on life.

SPCE is one of the few colleges in Mumbai that offer a personal counseling service for the students by a highly experienced and reputed counselor, Dr. Ambarish Bhatt. Our counseling services help the students to deal with difficulties of a personal or academic nature, which arise in the course of their studies. The students can approach the counselor without an appointment and can talk to him on a range of issues such as planning,decision making, problem solving, social and emotional development and redressal of their grievances.

Dr. Bhatt is available twice a week in the college and his time is devoted solely to the students who approach him. The response to this service has been tremendous and it has been observed that this counseling service has done wonders for the students' morale and their attitude towards life.

In addition, Dr. Bhatt has also conducted workshops and seminars on Stress Management and Personality Development in the college.


Dr. Ambarish K Bhatt is a scientist by profession. He has been a lecturer in Mumbai colleges during his doctorate studies. He also has 14 years of experience working in Hindustan Lever Ltd., Godrej and Pidilite Industries in the capacity of a scientist and manager.

Over the years, working intimately with students and professionals, he has gained a deep insight into the 'Human Side of the Human Mind'.This, according to Dr. Bhatt helps in tapping and utilising to the maximum, an individual's potential.

At present, Dr. Bhatt is into personal counseling. He is attached to three Mumbai Colleges as a student counselor, one of which is SPCE. He regularly conducts workshops for students and corporate personnel on integrated personality development which help focus on an individual's self awareness, self exploration , understanding and implementation which payoff in building up a positive self-esteem, and a high self respect.

You can Contact Mr. Amrish Bhatt  in the mathematics departement every Mondays and Thursdays between 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm .

You can send in your problems via email to us which we will be forwarded to Mr. Amrish Bhatt . You can also send  a personal email to Mr.Amrish Bhatt. We assure you that all your problems will be kept confidential.

NOTE : Pass students can also make use of this counseling.



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