SPCE lies in one of the largest and most beautiful campuses in Mumbai i.e. The Munshi Nagar Campus. This huge campus is spread over 43 acres of land and contains not only some of the most prestigious institutes in the city but also has schools, a sports club, post office, bank and a temple.Allow us to be your guide as we take you on a tour to view the splendour and beauty of this rare and unique campus.

As we enter the campus through the majestic Munshi Nagar gate, we are greeted with a number of signboards showing the way to the various institutes within the campus. We go straight ahead and come to the old Banyan Tree, which lies in the heart of the campus. Around here there are a number of benches where one can relax and take in the beauty of this location.

To our right lies the Bhavans College which is reputed both as a junior and a degree college. This college is known for its colourful crowd and offers courses in the fields of Science, Arts & Commerce. Bhavans junior college is well known and attracts the top students in the city.Its also the stepping stone to S.P.C.E, for all those students aiming to be engineers.

Bhavans college was inaugurated way back in 1946 by the late Sardar Vallabhai Patel. Right next to the college is the beautiful Mulraj Khatau Library Hall with a beautiful statue of the goddess Saraswati above the doorstop. The library is big enough to accomodate 200 students. Bhavans also has its own college canteen which is a pretty cool place to freak out.

To our left lies the S.P.Jain Institute of Management Research which is one of the most prestigious autonomous management institutes in the country . Only the cream of the graduates and the top scorers get enrolled here. It attracts not only students from all over India, but even students from different parts of the world.

    The institute also has a fabulous building which is a real eye-catcher when you enter the campus. S.P.Jain also has hostel facilities as well as a mess. What this institute is really known for is its excellent placements, with over 67 companies approaching the college and the students getting pay packets that are as high as the sky. Its the one place that the graduating engineers of S.P.C.E dream of getting into. 

Just next to S.P.JAIN lies none other than our good old S.P.C.E. with its well decorated front lawn and flag pole. Every Independence day and Republic day, a flag hoisting ceremony is held here and the students and the staff all gather here in tribute to patriotism.As we go ahead we see the wonderful Lord Chandrasekhar Temple.      

This Temple is visited religiously by the faithful and especially by the students during the exams. One can find an inner peacefulness and serenity here. People come here by the dozens during Mahashivaratri and a small fete is held. The temple stands out in the campus as a monument of pride and provides solace and comfort during hard times.

Further ahead, we come to the most beautiful part of the campus that captures its true spirit i.e. The Botnical Garden.A trip to the Botanical Garden will leave you breathless as you try and take in as much of this wonderful place as you can.

Lush greenery and a variety of plants of a number of different species lie abundant in this vast wonderland.The garden is a major attraction for every plant freak, be it the botany students for their research or the general public for the purchase of plants.Some of the garden's collections range to as much as Rs. 6000.

This garden has been a major non-political step towards the scheme of plantation and re-plantation introduced by the Govt. of India, in order to acquire the minimum required 33 percent of the total land under vegetation.The garden also has a unique feature… its own lake.

The lake seems to have an aura around it and a visit here will give all you city dwellers a true feeling of elation. One can only marvel at the existence of this truly magnificent place in a city like Mumbai. The fresh air and the atmosphere of this place is invigorating and is far from all the hustle and bustle of the city. A visit here will definitely give you a feeling of nirvana.

SPCE can be reached practically by almost all the BEST buses coming from the Andheri , which is the nearest railway station. Also it ain't a bad idea to take a Auto-Rickshaw from the station, particularly during the monsoon.


Sardar Patel College Of Engineering

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