SPCE is 'the' most happening engineering college in Mumbai. With loads of extra curricular and co-curricular events taking place all year round its no surprise that we stood 6th in Malhar'98 which is by anyone's standards the most competitive inter-collegiate festival. Not to mention SPCE was the only engineering college to figure in the top-10 list in Malhar'98. SPCE is a college that is just bustling with talented and enthusiastic students who are ever ready to organize and participate in events all year round and even after all this freaking out and just having a good time, this college still has one of the best academic records in Mumbai University. To an outsider who finds it hard to believe what he's just read, allow us to remove every speck of doubt from your mind as we take you through an average year in SPCE .

The year starts off as usual with the arrival of the freshies. The seniors are ever ready to give tips and good advice to the always confused juniors not to mention sell their books and tools.The first highlight of the year is of course 'THE FRESHIES WELCOME' which is held usually in August which is about a month after the freshies have arrived. The Freshies welcome is the event where the freshies get to display their talents and skills with a song and dance night, not to mention skits and lots of other fun stuff.

Once this is over the studies begin seriously………. but not for long !!! The studies go on for about a month with lectures and practicals in full swing but then its time for the second highlight of the year 'TECHNOBREAK'.This is an intra-college event with all the classes in SPCE competing against each other for the prized TECHNOBREAK crown. In other words, its like a precursor to SPACE and provides a platform for the new committee to focus on.This usually takes place in early October.This is the last of the extra curricular activities taking place in the semester. AfterTechno is over its back to lectures and practicals.

The next event taking place in college though not an extra curricular one is still however a major one. Its called: 'SUBMISSIONS'.After Submissions, its Cram time as the exams are just around the corner. December is the month of the 'odd' semester exam (i.e. 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th sem). This is tension time and you'll find SPCE's brains studying day in and day out for their exams while the happy-go-lucky ones mug up some notes and hope for the best.

So…… the exams are over and the semester comes to a close. Everyone breathes a huge sigh of relief as they all go and party during Christmas and New year only to rejoin yet again in the New Year with a new semester and a lot to look forward to.

During the winter break however, the college does not remain closed as a number of winter workshops on various subjects in various fields are organized by the professors of our college which not only are very useful but also very popular. It's the New Year and its time again for things to happen in good ol'SPCE. The time is nigh for one of the biggest highlights of the year, SPCE's inter-collegiate festival SPACE. After the three days of SPACE are over, the fourth day is reserved for the ANNUAL DAY celebrations.

For now, the party's over…….or is it , because now comes one of the very important and popular events in SPCE, the inter-class CRICKET TOURNAMENT. This event brings out the best sporting talent in the college and for a week, the tournament takes place creating a highly charged atmosphere by bringing all the students on to the field to cheer for their teams, leading to deserted classrooms and angry profs.

The The end of the cricket season in SPCE signals a return to studies and seriously attending lectures and practicals. Thus life goes on as usual and the students are back to the same old routine day in and day out. But boredom holds no place in the life of the thrill seeking engineering student and now, the time is ripe for the only unofficial event in SPCE: THE CLASS PICNIC.

students have just recovered from their picnic euphoria when yet again, something pops up ; SPCE's ROSE DAY. Here's where all the SPCE lads go proposin to the SPCE lasses and there's also an afternoon of singing ,dancing and just plain fun with everyone dressed in their Sunday best causing the auditorium to dazzle. At the end of the day is the B.E. farewell where the final year students are given a farewell party by their juniors and the B.E.'s just go wild.

All good things must come to and end and so do all the fun events in SPCE. The only thing remaining in the year is of course, the submissions and the exams but before that comes the most frightening and nail-biting time i.e. RESULTS TIME!!!!!!!! Well, this ends the average year in SPCE and we hope its been a real eye opener for you skeptics out there who believed SPCE was a dull college. We're sure that such a huge portfolio of extra-curricular events is unique to SPCE and yet again proves that this college is definitely one in a Zillion!!!!

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