I would like to thank our Respected Principal,Dr. R.S.Mate for his permission and authorisation to go ahead with the web site in March of 1999.

I would also like to Thank Prof. M.M.Shah for his kind role as a mentor in our project.

Special Thanks :







Thanks to Prof. Bambole for his enthusiastic support & also for the information on the structural department.

Thanks to Prof. S.C.Goyal for some scanning work and mentoring.

Thanks to Shri. Kadam, for information on civil department.

Thanks to Smt.Maitrayee Ghosh,Librarian,SPCE, for her permission to access the old  college magazines .

Thanks to Mr.V.S.Joshi,TPO,SPCE,for help on the alumni page .

I would like to thank my friend Mr. Javed Siddhiqi for some of the pictures and text

I honestly  thank the entire teaching and non teaching staff of S.P.C.E. for their kind help and assistance .

Last but not the least ,I would like to pause and thank my friend Mr. Vikram Merani  for his kind assistance & moral support .


Sincerely Yours,       
Rupesh Narvekar    
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